When an older man flirts with a younger girl and gets no where.

Common example when a senior flirts with a freshmen and gets rejected. (In High school)
Hey Mitch is johnny fording again?

Yup that man is never gonna get laid
by Goatsmilk November 11, 2009
Top Definition
1. To intentionally kiss a woman’s breast. More precisely when it is done in a picture.
Did you see her gotting totaly forded at the party last night

He was definitly fording her last night
by The whole IB class of 2013 February 23, 2011
-Embellish Facts, A load of bullshit
Don't listen to the Councillors facts, hes fording.
by P416 October 08, 2014
The Australian Bogan equivalent of the adjective, Holding...
Used by Ford fans that hate those f@cken wooly woofter Holden Cars...

-The act of a person or thing that holds.
-To have or keep in ones hand; grasp.
"Oi Bruce, do you know where my sunnies are?"
"Yeah Mate, youse fording them in ur hands, AYE!".
by Undi3s August 19, 2014
the act of being sick
Fording - Last night I forded all over myself while wallowing on the toilet floor of the bar, unable to pick myself up.
by Dhabi1 November 10, 2011
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