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A Sexy, Strong, talented, and nice person, all the girls love him and he will blow your mind
Guy 1: Man I wish i was Triton!
Guy 2: He's amazing and all the girls love him!
Guy 3: Ya He's my Role Model!
by Anonymous12345678910987654321 April 14, 2011
The traditional definition of Triton is a mythological Greek god, the messenger of the deep. He is the son of Poseidon, god of the sea. Triton is also the largest moon of Jupiter.
Triton is also the mascot of UCSD.

UCSD students are referred to as Tritons. According to several prominent Greek linguists, when translated into modern English Triton means one "one who is too stupid to attend UCLA or UC Berkeley." The UCSD Triton is tough, even under extreme torture the Triton will not admit that he/she was rejected by UCLA/UCB.

Unfortunately the UCSD Triton is quite ugly, see Triton Eye. The female Triton is Asian, has no ass or breasts, and a face made for a pitch black room. Imagine sleeping with a 12 year old Anglo boy in the dark; you get the idea. The Triton male is not even worth describing.
This is your warning; do not attend this vile university!

Dude 1: That is a cool shirt. What is that logo?
Dude 2: It is a UCSD shirt, I am a Triton.
Dude 1: Oh, I get it. So you did not get into UCLA/UCB right?
Dude 2: Fuck you!!!

You know it time to go back to Los Angeles} when you find a Triton attractive!
by The Angry Reject April 28, 2008
A digital workstation synthesizer produced by the American company Korg. Known for their predictable, realistic sounds and large size. Most often used by New Age, Hip-Hop and Pop musicians. Also, Often toted on stage by mainstreamhip-hop acts, as a sort of status symbol.
When Eminem performed on SNL, his keyboardist had two full size Tritons, even though the second one was never touched.
by earthman June 02, 2006
In Greeky mythology, Triton is a merman while for the Urban party gay community, Triton is the act of taking three big cocks in the ass. A triton is normally male but nowadays, it's also being practiced by women. Triton is related to DaBull wherein the three big cocks are taken orally.
Man 1: "Holy shit dude! Three big cocks in his ass!!!
Man 2: Yeah! That's a Triton

Man 1: One!
Man 2: Two!
Man 3: Three!
Triton: Yay! I'm a Triton!
by BookOfAnarchy August 06, 2011
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