Is an acronym for "Fresh Off the Boat", and refers to new immigrants to a country (mostly Western). A phrase first coined in New Zealand in the early 90's by Polynesians to differentiate new arrivals (immigrants) from the old country (Tonga, Samoa, etc) from those with a Western upbringing. Now commonly used to describe any person new to a country, who is not well versed with its language or culture (mainly Western). Can be taken as an insult, or a term of endearment (eg; pride of culture).
"That Sione is such a F.O.B. He doesnt speak good English, & last week he walked through the drive-thru at Macca's (Mac Donalds) ..."
by Atiumm October 31, 2007
*Expanded Definition*

1) "Fresh Off the Boat" usually pertains to Asians, Arabs, Russians or Indians (not Native American)

2) "Fresh Over the Border" Include people from south of the American/Mexican border. Mainly illegal Mexican immigrants.
"I went to Wal-Mart and there were FOBs as far as the eye can see."

Look at the FOBs in-front of the Home Depot
by MistahTom November 02, 2005
noun: Finger On Button, key-less entry for automobiles, and automobile alarm systems. ubiquitous in North America, the world's leader in automobile theft rates.
Alvin: 'fuck! the battery in my key FOB is dead, I can't even get into my Miata!'
by sandspit September 07, 2007
Stands for "Fresh Of the Boat"; refers to immigrants who once came to America by boat. In its general sense, it may be applied to any immigrant; but recently, there seems to be a consensus to apply it only to Asian immigrants.

Its definition depends on the person who uses the term.

It may used by Americans to designate any Asian person who lives in America. This usage is offensive: it is a epithet used in place of more appropriate term.

It may also used by long established Asian-Americans to identify new Asian immigrants (thus the phrase "Fresh Off"). This usage is offensive: it denotes the new immigrant's inability to adopt American culture and his/her continuing practice of his/her lifestyle from his/her country of origin.
Those F.O.B. kids are shopping in Chinatown
by MBausch November 14, 2005
Acronym for “Forward Operation Base,” or the various US military bases spread out through Iraq and Afghanistan.
My buddy spent most of the time he was deployed at FOB Warhorse in Baqouba, Iraq.
by Anonymous January 16, 2006
"Fresh off the boat" also referred to as Immigrants.
"dude, that guy's a fob"
by Pierre J. Capretz January 27, 2003
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