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"Fresh-off-the boat." Ok, the last person who wrote for this dictionary wrote, and I quote, "Asians who can't really talk english good and they talk weird ending words sometimes in plural when you don't need to and making words singular when they are plural." Ironically, the writer also cannot SPEAK or WRITE English WELL. Perhaps a more accuate definition would include a person who is typically from East or Southeast Asia who cannot speak English with correct grammar and tends to have a horrendous accent. Most FOBS do not assimilate to the local culture and stick out also in terms of aesthetic and artistic tastes.
FOB Asians usually have longer hair. They look more feminine, and sometimes may wear unorthodox, unmatching clothes or clothes that one cannont typically buy at Marshall Fields.

Asian Americans usually have very short hair (fades), wear anything from average American clothing (Old Navy) to the trendiest European fare (Gucci). They usually have either very slight accent or none, and their grammar is either very good, with only minor mistakes in articles or count/non-count nouns, or impeccable.
by arahihsi November 24, 2005

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