Fob is also known as Fresh Off the Beehengi, for all of you that are korean...if you're not, beehengi is plane. I think the Fobs are the ones that made this word up because how else would you know the word beehengi if you aren't a FOB?
"dude, look at that Fob and the super bright colors that she's wearing...they don't even match!"
by anonymusanonymus September 27, 2005
Fresh of the Boeing - new definition of FOB
Indianoguy : I am a FOB
Random girl: as in Fresh of the Boat?
Indianoguy : No, as in Fresh of the Boeing ;)
by indianoguy June 06, 2007
Alternate Definition: A sort of culture mainly of asians. Someone who is "fobby" sterotypically listens to korean pop or likes hello kitty. Originally meant fresh off the boat but has evolved in meaning.
^_^ is a fob emoticon
many fobs play starcraft
Hello kitty is a fobby company
by qwerasdf February 23, 2005
New immigrants, or those that still mispronounce english, and misform english sentences. During the 1990's and Early 2000's most F.O.B.'s were from Asia, India, or East European.
Fife Dorra Sukee, Missta. Damn that F'in F.O.B. gives the bomb ass head, B!
by Pengy September 02, 2003
"Flat on Bunk"
(replace "bunk" with "back" when placed in tents, or "bed" when you aren't fortunate enough to be at camp)
the time in the middle of the day given to campers and counselors (mostly counselors) for resting after their strenuous activities and lunch
also known as "naptime"
"After the low ropes course and those dinosaur-shaped chicken nuggets, I could really do with some F.O.B."
by PrincessWin February 05, 2009
In medicine, especially in obstetrics or genetics, an abbreviation for "Father Of the Baby."

Slightly slang when said as a word, "fob," which suggests that it is not known if he is the baby's mother's husband. A slightly more respectful way of saying "baby daddy."
The patient would like the F.O.B. to be in the room during the delivery.

She's a single mother with six children and four fobs.
by SG from PA January 30, 2009
Friends over bitches. Based on M.O.B. (money over bitches), made famous by Tupac Shakur.
You kissed the same girl I did? Fuck it men, f.o.b.. She was a HO anyway!
by sandaman January 09, 2009
In the language of english, fob means:
- Chinese
- Fresh Off Boat
- Thomas

(to someone speaking chinese)"What a thomas, such a fob"
by P-Lite March 27, 2007

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