Father Of Bastards: People who just have to dick everything for their own self aggrandizement.
Those FOB's screwed up yet another project because they couldn't keep "it" zipped.
by R Unger April 29, 2008
It has two definitions: a) an abbreviation to a band (Fall Out Boy) or b) an abbreviated curse (Fuck Off Bitch)
a) "Thanks for the Memories" is by FOB.

b) "FOB!"
by V - unit March 16, 2007
fresh off the boat
mostly used to classify filipinos
"did you see Adam's new girlfriend?'
"yeah EW Loraine's a fob!!"
by fiveTWO June 10, 2006
A abbreviation for the term 'Found On Boat'. Commonly used in a derogatory manner towards people of Maori or Samoan descent, who immigrate into other countries. FOBs are known to be outcasts, both fashion-wise and language-wise. They generally group together with their own kind to perform such activities as playing basketball (or b-ball) and rapping.
"Look at those lousy FOBs playing basketball"
"Stupid rapping FOBs"
by Josh Byrnes August 10, 2005
plain and simple: Family Over Bitches
Person 1: "F.O.B. all day everyday."
Person 2: " Oh Fo Sho"
by Some cool guy on here December 26, 2010
The "Fresh Of the Boat" crowd who get to register for classes early and take all the good(easy) professors.
"Dude, the F'in class is filled 2 months before my registration date because of these motherfuckin FOB's"

Example of fob inglish

"NAWW! yoo not do yaw homewurlk, me not do yo homework, i tell you cheating, you so solly"
by bananapants August 25, 2006
adj. Nieku. Also known as a nerd.
Nieku acts weird; he is so fob.
by Tiffany J May 11, 2005

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