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fo sheezy my neezy = fo shizzle my nizzle = fo sure my nigga = i whole-heartedly agree with u my african american friend
by Kia May 06, 2003
183 37

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damn straight for sure fo sheezy mi neezy fo sho yea
Da shortened version of Fo' Shizzle mah Nizzle. Allows you ta say it faster. Means For sure my nigga. Just a cooler way of sayin' it really. Made up by Snoop.
Person: Wanna go ta de store wit me?
Other Guy: Fo' sheezy mah neezy, lets roll...
by Lil Bo March 11, 2003
18 11
For sure, my ni**er.
Are you down with that? Fo sheezy, my neezy!
by booda September 15, 2003
12 26
Yet another variation of fo' shizzle my nizzle.
I gotta go fo' sheezy my neezy with my girl tonight.
by AYB February 08, 2003
5 21
yes and/or correct A.K.A sho' enuff
Lilbritney1:so, you wanna cruise da mall 2morrow?
xoxocandylandxoxo: fo'sheezy my neezy!
lilbritney1:iight cool se u @ dillards @ 7
by Leslie December 08, 2004
4 22