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12 definitions by Kia

Derivitive of the British word 'Spiffing'. A fun/cute way of expressing general satisfaction with a thing/situation/person.
"Oh Jane! You're so spiffy!"

"I got some new boots yesterday. They are spiffy!"

"Ah...everythings so SPIFFY today"
by Kia September 16, 2003
fo sheezy my neezy = fo shizzle my nizzle = fo sure my nigga = i whole-heartedly agree with u my african american friend
by Kia May 06, 2003
the sexiest man alive
look at that rombod, his dick is huge
by kia July 02, 2004
A derogatory term of Yahoo - specifically Yahoo! Chat. Indicative of the evilness and crapness of said website/corporation.
"My god! Yahell Fux0red up again!!!"
by Kia September 16, 2003
A fine rapper very hot
lloyd banks is very hot
by kia July 22, 2004
White boys tryna be black.
Jive ass people.
"Man them boyz some fuckn Craka Jacks"
by kia January 02, 2005
Odd and inexplicable 70s British insult applicable to homosexuals. Derivitive (presumeably) of poofta.
"Parading around like a pack of bleeding wooftas" - Velvet Goldmine
by Kia September 16, 2003