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When you feel so confused and crazy that you start doing silly things that make no sense.

Can be a good thing OR a bad thing.
I am so flusterfucked, today was just so awesome that my brain exploded!

I am so flusterfucked, today was just so horrible that my brain exploded!
by CocaineCola December 04, 2010
being in such a flustered state so as to be completely "fucked"; unable to address any single problem on account of one's flustered state of being.
One, two, three, four ninjas emerged from the forest surrounding the monk. As they drew their swords the monk ran one direction then the other. Completely surrounded, the monk stood still, fluster-fucked, and over run.
by pikey bellicose April 07, 2010
A feeling that is amazing and awesome that is caused by haing a severe crush on a girl.
When ever I am around Niki Taylor I get all flusterfucked.
by Deputy Glock May 27, 2012

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