A girl that has sex with every guy she flurts with.
Sabrina is such a flurk
by rednecksurfer November 04, 2010
Top Definition
lame, loser, fake, punk bitch, faggot, superficial, wanksta,
look at that dude, how hes actin, hes such a flurk.

that guy was flurkin it
by Brian Katz May 15, 2005
To flurk is to lurk people on facebook
I spend too much time flurking on a regular basis
by w90 January 20, 2011
A term used to describe a basketball shot that completly looks stupid and misses the goal completly causing shame for your team.
Announcer: Shot goes up....and it misses. Wow! that was a flurk.
Announcer #2: I would not want to be wearing that jersey.
by bergie404 December 10, 2011
To be successfully work and flirting. Engaging in work based conversations and deals in a successful flirtatious manner.
at a work party - 'I going to flurk the hell out this room.'

Coming out of a meeting - 'I just flurked the hell out of those contracts.'
by iamnottheking October 18, 2012
A person who is a lame, fake, wack.. the list goes on.. generally just a punkass bitch.
* That kid is a flurk

* That wack ass kid is flurkin

* someone who thinks there really important, when no one even know who they are.

* Someone who says " do u kno who i am?" when no one has a clue.
by Alot of ppl May 15, 2005

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