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1. The urge to be flaccid. Said in reference to a woman who is so unattractive as to cause flaccidity in the male penis (rather than an erection over an attractive woman).

2. A woman who is so unattractive as to cause the 'urge' to become 'flaccid' in heterosexual males.

Dude, did you see that Hillary? She's such a flurge!

"And don't refer to me as a flurge. I Googled what it stands for and I do not like it."
by Stark Raven Mad September 15, 2008
A horribly ugly woman. They usually have cankles and can be described as a "harpy" "shrew" and/or "boner shrinker".
That woman is a flurge.

PS: i wish you could make more than one definition per name.
by this is getting old October 02, 2008
An aging female you do not want to have sex with.
Hillary Clinton is a flurge with cankles
by syrynxx September 14, 2008
A deflating, buzz-killing, emasculating woman
We were having an awesome time until she got home and flurged all over fantasy draft
by Forgottenman May 10, 2011
The state of a man's penis when it is not erect.
"The cold water in the pool sure gave me a flurge"

"Aww dude, that ugly chick turned my wood into a Flurge"
by Argh!! October 09, 2008
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