(Adjective) A salacious being. Someone or something that exerts a power of attraction. Enticing, sexy.
Damn, just look at that flubby body...
by Teh Mighty Flub December 14, 2004
Top Definition
Someone who is a combination of chubby and fat; quite a large body, and an obnoxiously chubby face; will almost always have a poor attitude and grating laugh, which will set the undoubtedly multiple chins into motion
"WTF, who took a dump all over my bed?"
"Ah, your flubby roommate."

The flubbies came to visit last week, and ate all my food.

Dude, stop eating that. You're being totally flubular.

#fat #chubby #large #enormous #morbidly obese #obese
by Lily1278 December 08, 2005
Oxymoronic portmanteau word for a half-erect penis ("flaccid chubby"). Often occurs during periods of sexual arousal following excessive alcohol consumption.
She was totally down to hump, but my drunk ass could only muster up a flubby.
#whiskey dick #impotence #limp #viagra #pathetic
by d-nozzle November 08, 2009
Combining flabby and chubby.
The new generation term for fat.
"I seriously have to go on a diet.I'm getting flubby."
#flubby #fat #chubby #diet #health
by Ehhh Macarena March 06, 2014
The fat rolls that hang off of your body disgustingly and excessively.
Marina on the show "My Naked Secret" has disgusting flubbies.
#rolls #dough #fat #tubby #enlarged
by w0lfbites November 11, 2011
Verb. Receiving fellatio while having a bowel movement.

etymology: Black Water Cafe, 1991.
It doesn't take a fat man to get a flubby after dinner.
by Nco November 15, 2003
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