A place full of people who are both uptight and paranoid.
Bob: This place is a total Flower Mound!
Jake: It's a retirement home, dude, what do you expect?
by A_Mysterious_Man May 04, 2012
Top Definition
Medium sized town of about 60,000 30 miles north-west of Dallas, Tx and just west of Lewisville. Known for high qaulity housing (most home are at least 2,500 sq ft and cost between $150,000 and up to $5,000,000) and prestigious neighborhoods, and home to two high schools, Flower Mound High School and Marcus High School. Flower Mound H.S. is attended mostly by students from upper-middle-class families as well as wealthy families. Also FMHS has high-performing atletics, scholastic, and performing arts activities. The average SAT score at FMHS is 1200. Marcus, on the other hand is mostly normal, middle class with normal performing aciivites with a few exceptions including performing arts. The average SAT score is about 1000-1200. While there is plenty of dough ($)to be found in Flower Mound, there is hardly anything to do. The slang term for Flower Mound is "Flo Mo"
Man, Flower Mound is so boring, I wish there was something to do!
by Mustang Matt December 09, 2005
A city with rich/middle class white people. If you're not white, you're a minority. Basically, the Mexicans mow the white kids lawns, and the high schoolers drive nicer cars then the teachers. The homes range from $250,000 to approximately $9,000,000.
Where do you live?
Flower Mound
by flomodude January 05, 2010
a reference to a women's genital area
Boy, I wouldn't mind getting a look a her flower mound.
by sickpete February 08, 2006
The birthplace of Marijuana, and cherries.
Hey guys, lets get some bud down in Flower Mound.
by Grey Davis June 22, 2007
The gathering place for a rare group of Alaskan Deers. They travel thousands of miles to meet and roam in the small town of Flower Mound, Texas.
Yo deer, lets go to Flower Mound now.
by Kyle Parkersonship June 22, 2007
A city North of Dallas 30 miles. People that live their are generally known to be Shallow, Isolated, Ignorant as well as Arrogant. Another city similar to look up is Southlake. Except, minus good high school athletic program and billion dollar homes. It wants to be like Southlake so bad they are actually cloning their downtown center stores to look exactly like Southlake, and in general Flowermounds' law enforcement is very rude. 2 of the biggest S**thole cities in Texas!
Went to Flowermound the other day.
O yea?,
Yea, The Cougars were out thinkin' it's Fith Ave. in downtown square.
by Jason Eggland May 26, 2008
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