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Named for the ironic large mound of flowers found in the middle town.
Most homes range from $250,000 to above $25,000,000. Some of the most luxurious neighborhoods in Texas preside here; like Chateau Du Lac, Pointe Noble, Emerald Bay, Wichita Trail, Tour 18, Diamond Belle, and the Adam's Estates (just to name a few). It is said that parents' are under much pressure to "keep up with the Jones'" in this town.

The kids tend to be VERY spoiled and extremely snobby & bratty. Teens at the high schools drive nicer cars than teachers. Flower Mound HS is placed as one of the best high schools in the US, with intelligent kids and an excellent staff. Flower Mound HS is also know for its astonishing theatre program, world famous FMHS Marching Band, the Orchestra, choir, high quality sports program, and home to the highly acclaimed Flower Mound High School Rosettes Drill Team.

Flower Mound is also home to Marcus High School, also an excellent school that is known for it's exceptional athletic program. The academics at the school are also very recognizable. While not as prestigious as its rival Flower Mound HS, Marcus is still better than most in the area, even in Texas.

Each year, the FMHS and MHS football teams have the annual "Mound Showdown." Due to the popularity of this game, it is usually played at Cowboy's Stadium or at a nicer college stadium, like SMU.
Where do you live?
Flower Mound, Texas!
by waterbottle34 October 15, 2010