The flavour of a thought
Not all our thoughts are the same. Some taste differently, have a different signature and are known as floughts. Only some are generated inside our head. Our gut tells us some of them. Others come from the back of our mind or the top of head. I wrote about this in my book, Flavours of Thought.
by thebookwright July 26, 2012
Top Definition
Part of Speech: noun
1. an idea produced by thinking or occurring suddenly in the mind which is not acted on or brought to

2. an intended action or productivity subsequently not brought to fulfillment.

3. a fleeting thought.

4. in creative activity an unresolved idea.
1. Her good intention proved a mere flought.

2. At the current price of stone his sculpture would be nought but a flought.

3. The flought slipped his mind as quickly as his resolution to make it happen.

4. A thousand floughts scrawled on each page of her notebook.
by Elliott Harris November 13, 2010
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