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Inner-tuition describes the process by which 'intuition' operates in our body and psyche.

Our gut mind contains more neurons than a cat's brain. It also operates 5 to 10 seconds ahead of our conscious mind. This has been confirmed by neuroscientists with MRI scanners.

This mind center actually steers us in the right direction and guides us in directions that are helpful to us whilst also protecting us from harm.

It is an illusion our conscious mind makes decisions. They are made ahead of time by the inner-tuitive guidance system in our gut.
When someone says, "I wish I had gone with my gut on this or that decision ..", what they were really saying was that they wished they had followed their inner-tuition.
by thebookwright March 02, 2013
The flavour of a thought
Not all our thoughts are the same. Some taste differently, have a different signature and are known as floughts. Only some are generated inside our head. Our gut tells us some of them. Others come from the back of our mind or the top of head. I wrote about this in my book, Flavours of Thought.
by thebookwright July 26, 2012
When your partner says absolutely nothing and just looks at you in that way that you know you have really messed up.
She just gave me mute point.
by Thebookwright May 31, 2013

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