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after a strainful workout your muscles become tight and very visable.
My muscles are so flossed they cut a cake.
by Groc February 25, 2008
when someone epically fails at something and sucks at life.
Simon/Isaac: oh shit....

Kurd: you just flossed the shit outta that!
by Deekdel July 25, 2016
The past tense of the word "flaw", which is an adjective used to describe a person who just bailed, or frequently bails, on commitments. This especially applies to flaking out on social plans, such as going to clubs, theme parks, the movies, concerts, and going on dates.

If someone was flaw to you, they flossed you.
Michael: Bro, are we goin' out tonight?

Brandon: Nah man, I have a chemistry test tomorrow... I gotta study.

Michael: Dude, that's so flaw... you said you would go. You flossed me.
by EmDeeAr October 20, 2011
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