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Someone who deals marijuana. Marijuana is a plant, and therefore one who buys this plant would not go to a "drug dealer" but rather a florist.
...Not that kind of florist
by SamAndTJ August 07, 2010
A man who chases virgins with intents on deflowering them. More often than not, leaving them afterwords.
"What does he see in that prude girl? He could have any chick on campus."
"She's a virgin."
"Ah, so He's a florist."
by cooch whisperer December 29, 2011
1. a really awesome, attractive person who enjoys flowers
2. most legit job you could ever pursue
3. best way to constantly make someone's day (and get paid for it!)
Whoa! They're a florist? They're my new hero!!!
by kansasflorist December 06, 2010
Flower person if a man is gay
That lady is so hot I love florist.........DUDE THATS A GUY ahahh notice the Adam's Apple
by Greg August 21, 2003
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