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floppage: noun 1: The measure of an object's current state of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal flopping. 2: The state of man in which the genital mass sits awkwardly within one's boxer shorts, and flops upon movement. 3: A state of any being in which a body part, esp. genitalia, flops subtly or excessively. 4: Any time in which one's extremities flop. 5: The scientific measure of the floppant motions of a particular object.
Dude!! Ive got major floppage!!!!
by Tyler November 18, 2004
When someone does something really stupid they are a floppage , or when someone is a failure in life
Oh God Monty's life is a floppage
by Anti Flop November 29, 2014
a man having an irregualry large cock 'n' balls and is able to flop them through his shorts
holy shit, robs got some mad floppage!
by ... May 17, 2003
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