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floppage: noun 1: The measure of an object's current state of horizontal, vertical, or diagonal flopping. 2: The state of man in which the genital mass sits awkwardly within one's boxer shorts, and flops upon movement. 3: A state of any being in which a body part, esp. genitalia, flops subtly or excessively. 4: Any time in which one's extremities flop. 5: The scientific measure of the floppant motions of a particular object.
Dude!! Ive got major floppage!!!!
by Tyler November 18, 2004
a man having an irregualry large cock 'n' balls and is able to flop them through his shorts
holy shit, robs got some mad floppage!
by ... May 17, 2003
Past tense of cleavage
When she turned around and bent over, Aunt Fanny displayed lots of floppage.
by whatever hateful May 18, 2008