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(v)to make oneself pretty, to dress up (ie to use materials such as make-up, nail polish, hair spray etc.); usually with in reference to a group of friends (female, although on rare occasions, males might also floof XD) in preparation for a dance or other social function
Other forms: ~y, ~ed, ~ing, pre-~
"I do not floof." (Translation: "I do not fuss around with silly girly items.")
She did not floof yesterday.
by yubee and pi February 28, 2005
When you feel like calling sum1 a fat f*ck but there r teachers/parentz around and u dont wanna swear!
helena is such a FLOOF
by Daniielle♥ July 25, 2008
A fat ass lesbian whore.
No offence.
Girl 1: OMG! That girl is so fat! And she looks like she's flirting with that other girl...

Girl 2: That's cos she's a floof.
by Natasha B May 12, 2008
The act of one blowing a cloud of vapor in another one's face. Preferably someone a person cares for or loves.
Floofee: "Why did you floof me for?"

Floofer: "Because I love you silly!"
by germrocker August 20, 2014