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1) To Floof
The ability to fail at a moments notice, for no better reason than being fluffy, and receiving no repercussions.

2) A Floof
A person who can fail at a moments notice, for no better reason than being fluffy, and receiving no repercussions.

3) A Floofer
A person with the ability to disguise another persons failures, maintaining their own and the other persons full fluff. (Can be a 'Simi-Floofer' by only maintaining ones reputation, yet still tarnishing the other person's)

4) Professional Floofing
Demand a wage or a rise in status regardless of incompetence or any number of floofing moments.
Can be for themselves or anyone beneath them but one must maintain Full Floof, there can be no 'Semi-Professional Floofers'.

5) De-Floof
An active movement, determined to catch and destroy all Floof. replace 'To Floof' with 'To De-Floof' and thus forth.
Leon: Wow, cant believe you managed to 'Floof' on that one.

Sparticus: You don't even know, Ivo's a serious 'Floof' and he even managed to wangle his friend out of this one.

Leon: Wow, What a Super Floofer, one day he'll be Pro.

Sparticus: Yeah, but he better hope Frankie doesn'y find out, shes a serious De-Floofer
by SquiggleDS November 14, 2012
3 2
1) A bunny rabbit
2) A term for and extremely cute and fluffy creature
When looking at a rabbit 'Oh look, its a FLOOF!!!!!!!!'
by XxXpinkypieXxX July 19, 2008
12 12
A device used by stoners when smoking in environments where the smell of bud will get you caught (usually either one's parents' place or dorm), made out of either a toilet paper/paper towel tube, or optionally a pop bottle with holes punctured in the bottom, with dryer sheets stuffed inside. In use, one takes a hit, then blows it out through the floof, resulting in a pleasant, clean-laundry smell that completely obscures the normal smell.
Dude, use the floof, we don't wanna get written up!
by frostycakes April 11, 2010
7 8
when your hair looks great in the front but you don't bother to see that you have a huge clump of hair sticking straight out and upward.
a cross between a flip and a poof.
Dude! Brush yo hair! You have a floof in your head!
you're hair just totally coughed up a floof kid!'
by shelbalou September 05, 2011
1 4
To err, to blunder, to screw up.
Oh my gawd, I really floofed when I wrote that bad check.
by TXLogic March 05, 2011
2 6
extra ornamentation unnecessary for function.

Can be used as a noun or verb.

Someone can also be a flooferhead. A person that loves to apply unnecessary ornamentation to things.
She floofed up the house for the Christmas party by putting 100 candles on the mantle.

The chargers were extra floof under the plates.

Martha Stuart is the queen of flooferheads.
by pamalamadingdong1 December 10, 2009
0 5
To roll your eyes and huff
When I asked her to do something for me she floofed me and started complaining.
by JlynnieK March 25, 2009
4 9