To roll your eyes and huff
When I asked her to do something for me she floofed me and started complaining.
by JlynnieK March 25, 2009
Verb- To take your hand and use it inn a claw like manner to push somes hair in an upwards motion on the side of your head. While doing this the floofer sings the word 'floof' in the key of D. This is used to show friendly affection.
I just floofed you
by Song and Dance Man July 29, 2010
Floof means getting freaky, or being a freak in the bedroom
John was a real Floof when it came to his whips
by Macca-1977 September 07, 2009
A female fart. ie- quiet, but usually very smelly anyway.
She floofed in bed, then fluffed the covers and it stunk bad.
by Jenny L January 20, 2004
Noun. Another word for semen.
Hey guy, I just found floof stains all over your blanket.
by JDawg098 April 16, 2011
a fart.
dude, did you floof?
by ringius August 02, 2010
The sound when a massive eruption of diarea slams into the toilet bowl.
Bob H.: Jerry I sat down and a second later it was like, FLOOF (flings arms in air) all over the place!!
by J to the C man June 11, 2010

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