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Having sex with a woman that squirts in a way that when you pull out, all of the fluid shoots out of her vagina at once.
"I was pounding away my girlfriend with her bent over her bed, right? Well she's a squirter, so when I pulled out it looked and sounded like someone fucking threw a bucket of water onto the floor between her legs. I've been calling her floodgate ever since."

"Holy tits"
by juls727 September 15, 2011
when a man is masturbating and all of a sudden lots of cum just spurts out.
mate: " oh mate yesterday when I was masturbating the floodgates just opened, there was cum everywhere!"

you: " okay......"
by urbanDICtionary November 23, 2012
Opening up potential for massive flooding in message boards, primarily due to new info being revealed for unreleased games.
The Super Smash Bros. Brawl official website opens lot of floodgates on related message boards, due to its daily updates.
by NoobMuncher3000 July 02, 2007
another word for a whore, or a person who has been with a lot of people; it originated while playing the sexual chain game, where you try to see how many people you are linked to sexually by knowing who the people you have been with have been with and so on. a person is a floodgate if they have been with so many people that you actually have a lot of choices between who you can choose for the next link in the chain.
Bree is a floodgate.
by cawleen April 10, 2006
When she has her period as he eats her out and he swallows it all by accident.
He choked because she caused a floodgate.
by Mr Rogers. November 23, 2010
Extremely short jeans, usually worn by a "Gain" or someone who is just a fucking nerd. They are so high that you can see their ankels and their socks.
Damn, look at that kid. He's got massive floodgates!
by Paskwal and Gain December 29, 2008
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