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to be kicked out of a place for having a terrible stench
Last night me and kizzle were at da club man and the bouncer threw this guy out because he was wearing a saucony that smelt like shit
by CHROME September 15, 2003
To vomit at morning tea for money in order to repay debts
Man Flome are you going floming at lunch today? I want my money back
by GCA September 16, 2003
to be unemployed and have terrible table manners.
'i go to centrelink because at present i am in a state of flome' or 'flome lives with ziggy the bagman as he is currently in a flomalicious situation' or 'flome is ziggy the bagman'
#floman #flome #flomazee #flomazle #flizzle
by 'crazy' psaltan May 06, 2006
To consume 10 pingers and 6 cones in less then 45 minutes..
'holy crap man your flomed off your head' or flome flomed out after roman dared him to flome'
#flome #flomed #floman #floman roman #lord flome #flomathon
by Darren 'boof' Lehman May 06, 2006
who is T.P?
and in came flome in his saucony jacket, 3 quater pants and ciggarette packet
by Murray hinwood October 10, 2003
A mysterious thief who strikes under the cover of darkness on a gleaming haro bike
fuck nigga flome just flomed all the ciggarettes in this bitch smoking muthafuckaaa ..FUCKKKK
by ricki lee rodgers September 18, 2003
a former member of DF clan
dude flome just nailed you with his DEAGLE
by EZEKIEL September 16, 2003
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