6 definitions by GCA

To vomit at morning tea for money in order to repay debts
Man Flome are you going floming at lunch today? I want my money back
by GCA September 16, 2003
To ride bike into city with casey house shirt on, no shoes and scum money and smokes giltrow
Flome always flomes to the city on sunday
by GCA September 16, 2003
To drink a breaka with regurgitated bbq shapes in it
Flome flomed koppenols breaka yuckkkk
by GCA September 16, 2003
to borrow somthing and never return it
can i borrow a dollar? Fuck off man i gave you my Slipknot cd and you totally flomed me!
by GCA September 15, 2003
Gullmai is a beautiful girl or woman, who is extremely intelligent. She has an old soul, but is funny, and loved by all the people around her. She often has red hear, and she always wear nature-colored clothes.
Wow, she is a real Gullmai! Have you seen her red hair?

Did you she that hippie girl? She is such a Gullmai!
by gca October 29, 2013
to sleep at bus stops
flome flomed at the bus stop while waiting for the bus
by GCA September 16, 2003

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