to idolise people who are bums
Fuck man scotts so cool he smoked 2 ounces (scott is homo-sexual now)
by YEH September 15, 2003
to love a band or to have a piece of paper on your wall stating "BANDS I LIKE"
man you dont understand how much i FLOME nirvana FLOOOOOOOOOME
by gozza August 16, 2003
A definition for the stealing of anothers posessions
"Dude i herad your Metallica cd got flomed?" or "man someone is flomeing from the tuckshop"
by auz10 August 05, 2003
Also seen wearing calvin klein shirt and sporting a red tuft of hair, Flome can be found in tony's back yard or toiletting on a golfcourse.
"It's a Horizon moment"
by can't deny it now June 16, 2003
Homeless bum wearing Saucony jumper, blind hat, 3/4 pants, no shoes. Flome's habitat is places where he can steal from such as the tuckshop, 7/11, coles. also see crump (from real monsters)
"Flome" went to the store with no shoes on to buy Holidays and didn't have enough money.
by Roman June 15, 2003
to headbang at the orient and ask seb to play nirvana
dude flome was totally floming last night
did he flome seb?
yeah he flomed him but he couldn't flome it so he just flomed to other bands he liked
by Jacob Nash October 08, 2006
Some men clepe that sea the lake Dalfetidee; some, the flome of Devils; and some the flome that is ever stinking.
Lord Flome flomed the holy grail
by GKW October 24, 2003

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