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Sheer, flawed logic. Follows no reasonable thought process.

Commonly used as an exclamation, "That's flogic!"
Don't sit on the floor and work, you'll get short sighted, it looks ugly.

That's Level 3 flogic!
by mymotherisalovelyperson February 11, 2011
Flogic floj-ik

Mashup of the words Flawed and Logic.

Literally translates to "flawed logic."
Friend 1: Check out this stupid news headline, "Minnesota gay marriage ban 'will prevent world from ending.'"

Friend 2: That sounds absurd.

Friend 1: Guy in the article says "If everyone is a gay, this world will cease to exist in ten years."

Friend 2: *Sarcastically* Well, it's hard to argue with that flogic. *Facepalm*
by cruelraspberry March 22, 2009
noun; feminine logic, which is equivalent to flawed logic
"I can't go to the party tonight, because I've got a dentist appointment tomorrow afternoon."

"You're using so much flogic right now ..."
by MumbleBear March 26, 2010
1: A flaw in logical thinking.
Guy #1 ' Dude I think she totally digs me, I mean...sure, she's like, 5 years younger, but that means we can totally connect on a mental/emotional level that way.
Guy#2 ' Before or after they haul your statutory ass off to jail? .... nice flogic bro.'

Example 2 : Spongebob Squarepants
by Loflyinjett November 29, 2009
a flaw in logic
im still looking for a flogic in this situation
by jim February 24, 2003