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3 definitions by Loflyinjett

A bazooka made out of bamboo.
The Bambooka is the weapon made by Captain Kirk when fighting the Gorn monster. Highly impractical and highly dangerous ... But a weapon of badassery nonetheless. Also featured on the December 28, 2009 episode of Mythbusters.
by Loflyinjett December 29, 2009
1.Slogan / Tagline of an adult product.
2.Punchline of a sex or dirty joke
Guy 1: *tells joke*
Guy 2: Hahalolz ... Halarious shagline my friend.
by Loflyinjett May 19, 2009
1: A flaw in logical thinking.
Guy #1 ' Dude I think she totally digs me, I mean...sure, she's like, 5 years younger, but that means we can totally connect on a mental/emotional level that way.
Guy#2 ' Before or after they haul your statutory ass off to jail? .... nice flogic bro.'

Example 2 : Spongebob Squarepants
by Loflyinjett November 29, 2009