One of the most annoying and popular forms of summer footwear. Made popular by girly girls in hollister or abercrombie and fitch t-shirts, and preppy, image conscious guys with popped collars. Both are usually obnoxiously chewing gum as they walk in said footwear.
Some see the "slapping" sound these shoes make as "cute". It gives normal people headaches.
I fucking hate flip flops.
by A.J. Eitel April 19, 2008
A political phrase, usually contributed by an opponent, for someone who changes their position of some issue.
Practically everyone is the Bush administration has done a "flip-flop" on government regulation since their econcomy flopped.
by Videography Lab December 23, 2008
a person that says there in one gang and represents another
GUY: ya im a crip
other guy: bitch your a flip flop
by allyn March 16, 2005
Some of the sexiest shoes a girl can wear, second only to heels. Designed to make a girl's foot look even hotter than it already is. Makes an irresistable sound when slapping against the bottom of the foot. Almost like being barefoot, yet provides minimal protection to the sole of the wearer. Fun to dangle off the toes (and most chicks do)!
Sarah was wearin these wicked sexy black flip-flops today. All the guys were droolin over her feet.
by Jeff676476 February 05, 2006
1) An electronic circuit that reverses ("flips") its state when a pulse is administered to it.
2) A behaviour similar to the aforementioned circuit's. Reversing your stance, depending on input.
3) A kind of open shoe.
1) A register has to store and erase values as needed, so you must use flip-flops to implement one.
2) Politicians are extremely prone to flip-flopping, especially when votes are at stake.
3) I will buy some matching red flip flops to go with my red T-shirt.
by Eien No Hira March 10, 2005
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