Sandals with only a strap in the front, which joins between the big toe and the one next to it. i dont know the names!
What I wear everyday, rain or shine.
by Random April 06, 2004
1.)A noisy form of footwear that goes "slap slap slap slap" as you walk.
see thong sandals

2.)slang for John Kerry
Someone needs to slap the shit out of John Kerry with their footwear.
a metallic, iridescent paint on a car which appears to change colors when viewed from different angles - often applied to caddies by rappers in houston
damn, that caddy dripped out wit dat candy apple flip flop mayne
by jjthejetplane767 June 26, 2007
A term that refers to color changing paint on cars.
Man that chevy got that four color flip flop with a peanutbutter rag.
by Hellbound13 September 22, 2006
Butt ugly sandals with an irritating strap between the toes. Although they might be necessary at a water park, people are so fucking stupid that they wear them everywhere just because they think these things are in style. That's how fucking dumb people are! You can hear someone who is wearing them from a mile away because of the irritating noise these stupid things make. You can also see these fucking idiots tripping down stairs or picking their shoes off the floor when these things fall off.
I could hear that dumb bitch coming from a mile away since she's wearing those ugly flip-flops.
by MsAgro9876 July 02, 2006
See George W. Bush. A political term for trying to be on both sides of every issue.
Saying you support the military and then cutting its' funding for troops' supplies and veteran healthcare plans.

Saying there is no need for a 9/11 comission, refusing to co-operate with them, and then promising to ensure that all of their recommendations are implemented after congradulating their hard work.

Lowering air and water standards and calling it "The Clean Air and Water Act".

Campaigning as a pro-life politician, chipping away at abortion rights, but also saying that Roe v. Wade should remain intact.

Using FOX News to label your opponent a flip-flopper when you yourself live in a waffle house built on lies, blood, and oil.

by moogledr August 16, 2004
Trucker slang for the return journey.
Catch ya' on the flip flop!
by DB1 July 17, 2007
a backless foam-rubber sandal with a V-shaped strap secured between the toes and at the sides of the foot
"Many people wear flip flops at the beach."
by DeAndre December 01, 2005

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