Flint is the glare seen when a firearm scope is pointed directly at you.
"is that flint?" bang that guy is dead.
by grefranger October 02, 2011
"I don't have enough flint to pay the bill."
by J. Datkuliak December 06, 2009
Liar. Used for someone who lies a lot or who is lying.
example: "Billy is a Flint"
by billy_ray June 16, 2010
A city in Michigan that, much like Detroit, is overly stereotyped by the ignorant, spiteful, and spitefully ignorant.

As with Detroit, Flint is not home to only poor, welfare-seeking blacks who dropped out of high school. The economy is lacking, GM has done considerable damage, jobs are scarce, and many store buildings are abandoned, but it has a few pockets of high-income residents and educated individuals. Not all of it is "ghetto," and some of it is very middle class or even upper-middle class.

It is also something of a college town, being home to the likes of Kettering University (graduates from which have been known to go on to the like of MIT and Stanford), U of M - Flint, Baker Business College, and Mott CC, one of the best community colleges in the state.
"Is Flint, MI really as bad as all the delapidated imagery in the Michael Moore movies?"

"Of course not. The suburbs on the west side near Grand Blanc and Swartz Creek are nice. My uncle lives in a Mansion across Miller road."
by OlderAndWiserThanYou2 July 18, 2009
Basically an alternative word for 'good'. Originated from young British asians in south east england.
Man 1 " Bruv you see the match last night?"

Man 2 " Yeah it was well flint, innit blad"
by The Trevez December 19, 2008
to flirt around, like a hummingbird going from flower to flower.
He went to the party and flinted around.
by frenzies September 09, 2009
A codename for a gothic person
"Hey Danny, see that flint over there? I sure hate it."
by Brimart92 April 21, 2008

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