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He/she was to Flimp to go get there unemployment check cashed
by Paul Faber February 05, 2009
the process of tying your foreskin into a knot and shove the knot into your ass curl up into a ball and then do a jumping jack thus ripping of your dick and your anus.
Alex did a flimp. alex is dead now.
by flimper November 02, 2014
A flimp is a person who flimps. They only flimp and that is all they will ever be good for is flimping.
Boy: Hello

Girl: What's up, flimp.

Boy: What in the world is a flimp?

Girl: You are a flimp!

Boy:Okay, what is a flimp!

Girl: A flimp is a flimp and all they will ever do is flimp.
by FlimpThis June 29, 2010
1. (adj.) Cool; awesome.
2. (n.) A boat.
1. Those are some flimp jeans you got there.

2. He rowed away on a wooden flimp.
by 24Frets March 25, 2010
1. Fly/ Pimp
2.The act of being cool
Guy #1: Did you see that slam dunk Oona made during our basketball game?

Guy #2: Yeah! She was flimp!
by Ana the Awesome January 22, 2009
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