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Scottish Term, short for "Fit Like?"
should not be used in any other country other than Scotland as it causes great confusion and hatred.
"Flike?!" said David MacDoogal as his son William approached,
"Nae bad da," he replied.
by _Clum_ July 23, 2012
The mingling between the period of liking and flirting.
Zach and Mav are about to enter the flike stage with Babalot and her friend.
by Miike Burton February 03, 2015
One who feels moisture in the pants.
Hong(10:23:29 PM): omg erin.
Hong (10:23:33 PM): you are too effing cool.
Hong (10:24:08 PM): you make me flike.

Hong(10:26:12 PM): i wouldnt care if fliked myself, & the kids laughed at me.
Hong (10:26:12 PM): cause id be like yo.
Hong (10:26:21 PM): you're just jealous.
Hong (10:26:21 PM): cause erin made ME flike my pants.
Hong (10:26:24 PM): & not you.

"Dude! Fogarty makes me flike in my pants!"
by Psh..Your mom! March 08, 2004
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