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A female alternative to the word "Masturbate". Form of masturbation of a female where she masages(flicks) the clitoris(bean).
"Hey Julie, Wanna go shopping some more?"

"No, I think i'm gonna go sit in the car for awhile, maybe flick my bean."
by David ( Frostbyte ) February 14, 2005
Form of female masturbation. Using the fingers to 'flick' the clitoris
The girl in the porno was flicking the bean to warm herself up
by Dj_Mecha August 31, 2004
What I do in the shower.
boyfriend: damn, you were in the bathroom forever.

me: yeah, well i had to shampoo, condition, and flick the bean.
by lemmy_poppins July 22, 2008
A girl masturbating with her hands.
I came home early one evening to find my girlfriend flicking the bean
by Pooh Bear July 25, 2003
rubbing the clitoris
a woman would
flick the bean
by jackndanni November 14, 2008