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As far as urban slang, the definition is "to show off." Used by many rappers, most notable Ice Cube and the Geto Boys. Originated in the urban community, and has been used for quite some time.
" flexin', didn't even look in the nearest direction as I ran the intersection. (This is said because Ice is trying to get away from some people who tried to kill him the other day In the song, of course)" -Ice Cube, "It Was a Good Day"
by The Boston Rag February 27, 2005
1124 485
dirty thingz two people do 2gether behind the scenes
ashley n mark are gonna run sum flexes
by whitepplrstupid July 05, 2005
35 44
to roll a nice L
"yoo my nigga watch me flex this blunt"
by ablazingape May 09, 2012
142 154
a common term in 4 x 4 driving slang for articulation
to drive up onto an object that causes one wheel to lift higher than the rest, causing the spring to compress and the oppisite hand rear to decompress, mostly referred to when 4 wheel driving or 4 wheel drives as you have to drive over obstacles.
also mainly happens on coil spring as leaf spring is rubbish
i said to spud, hey check that out for FLEX, geez shank dogg has his madprk on a monnas angle goin up the FLEX ramp
by narns January 20, 2008
36 58
bed room parties
were having a flex at my house
by tris b March 01, 2004
11 33

A FLEX is when a man meets up with a women, with the intention of escalating the situation sexually with the goal of getting laid.

Often times flex's are arranged via the internet, with people who have never met in person before, but have pre-arranged to have sex via the mircale that is the internet.
Im going on a flex tonight.


That flex last night was weak.


The girl on that flex last night did not give me what I expected.
by TrickDa1a April 18, 2007
95 118
To lend something, or to give something
'brer, flex me yo' fone'
by Joe June 30, 2004
17 40