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A Clan on Xbox live comprising of Hackers and Trolls. An overall less than average clan with the exception of hacking.

Adjective. (F.L.E.X.er(s))
Used to describe malicious players in Call of Duty: Black Ops, or other Xbox Live compatible games.

Verb. (F.L.E.X.ing)
Showing off how good you are at Hacking and Trolling in the above-mentioned Games.
"The F.L.E.X. Clan is full of cheaters!"

"John McCain is quite the F.L.E.X. er"

"Hobowner loves F.L.E.X. ing"
by Purebro69 December 29, 2010
A dance, popular with go-go music.
A son you hear that new impressions, I'm about to do the runnin man

boy that's dead, you betta get'ta flexin
by B11, your info. source May 15, 2010
To snog
Bob: OMG she looked so buff 2 day
Jim: Did you flex her?
Bob: Yeah man all day in the park
by Dragonmaster24 October 23, 2009
To dance, generally in the form of a man and woman with the woman's buttocks grinding against the man's genital area.
Pull dat gyal dey and take a lil flex na boy
by trinichic11 August 06, 2009
Sex using a variety of positions, requires you to be flexible.
'we don't have sex, we have flex'
by Shareapenis July 28, 2009
Verb: "The intention of having sexual intercourse with the opposite sex, purely for pleasure and with no post-sex intention for a relationship"
Dude(1): That chicks pretty dyno!
Dude(2): Yeah man id definitely flex her
by shaggs11 June 16, 2009
sarcasm, doing something with sarcasm,unintentional debate,procrastinate
"he flexed on outa here"
by noixz January 15, 2009