To lend something, or to give something
'brer, flex me yo' fone'
by Joe June 30, 2004
bed room parties
were having a flex at my house
by tris b March 01, 2004
a meaningless word used to enhance an adjectives power. generally used to emphasise feelings of laziness or disgust.
"you commin marvins tonight?"
"naaaah bedjin, das a longflex"

*two men hugging in view of rudeboys*
"nah staaar das a battyflex"
by roxxor February 19, 2004
verb. To flex someone
"Last night I flexed this absolute babe",or "She was definately down for the flex"
by G January 08, 2004
to handle something physically (referring to a fight or confrontation)
friend one: i can't believe that bia was dissin' me and mine like that
friend two: don't worry blood, you'll get your chance to flex with that chump
by tha professor November 19, 2003
your new boyfriend or girlfriend
"yo man i hear u gotz a new flex.whats her name??"
by i11ici7_4ng3L August 09, 2003
To make a statement. To clearly express yourself. Or to threaten in a verbal way, more so than in a physical way.
Oh you wanna FLEX? O.K., step outside I'll show you what's up!
by Ruz May 09, 2003

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