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To be ripped off. To pay for something and get inferior or no product.
That geezer just fleeced me, this aint a real travelcard.
That machine just fleeced me for a quid, I selected a coke and it didn't come out.
by LBU November 08, 2003
Those furry jackets. Similar to sweatshirts but with zippers and furriness.
I am wearing a fleece
by Andre January 07, 2004
To make a trade with (or enter into an agreement with) someone under the guise of fairness, while fully knowing you are trying to rip them off.

Very common in sports, where one team "fleeces" another in a trade. Sometimes, the results of the fleece aren't known for a while, but inevitably someone usually gets fleeced in a trade.
1) The Tampa Bay Devil Rays FLEECED the New York Mets by trading them Victor Zambrano for Scott Kazmir.

2) Carl Pavano FLEECED the Yankees into a 4 year, $40M deal.
by MLB Fleece Factor December 29, 2007
To steal. To rip off. To let a friend down.
"That guy just fleeced that guys jacket", "The bartender charged me $7.00 for that beer. What a fleece!", "Jobo didn't show up. He fleeced us again".
by King Vic September 23, 2014
Cute; endearing - not sexual; describes a feeling, not as businessy as platonic marriages
You would be such a fleece older brother!
by Flirtine December 04, 2010
Smutty word used by french-born american erotica guru, Anaïs Nin. She refers to the womanly bush or pubic hair with this enchanting word... Other erotica authors have followed her delicately selected language for this magnificent genre.
She exposed herself to him, her pale soft skin, her delicate slit, so tempting and divine, adorned by her dark coloured fleece...
by oriya June 22, 2005
Any individual who is scared, or does not want to pursue any act of general fun.
man, hes so fleece. he doesnt do shit.

what a pussy, so fleece.
by throwin it up August 07, 2009
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