Uncommon usage, technical jargon, verb, meaning 'to erase'.

Comes from 'eeproms' (Electrically Eraseable Programmable Read Only Memory) units in days of yore which were 'flashed' so they could be written on again. Typically, a computer geek would understand this usage.
PC Onwer: "So, should I through my broken computer in the trash?"

Technician: "Make sure you flash the drive first, for security reasons."

PC Onwer: "WTF?"

Tech: "Uhh...erase all the information."
by T.R.I. July 24, 2006
To climb a rock face on the first attempt without any beta (previous information on how to complete the moves).
Rock Climber 1: Dude, that is so much harder than V8!
Rock Climber 2: Dude! I just flashed that shit baked out of my mind! There is no way that is above V5! You just spend too much time in the rock gym instead of actually climbing real rock!
by Booze man April 18, 2008
Fake eyelashes applied with lots of makeup as to cover a man or woman's lack of eyelashes or short eyelashes as well as showcase their inner diva.
Mainly used by urban tribes in the nightlife despite the fact flashes are extremely uncomfortable, noticeable and come off periodically from sweating, movement or the use of the crappy non-stick adhesive which comes in every box of flashes.
"hold my flashes while I slap this bitch."

I can't see anything through my flashes, meaning they're definitely on and I'm looking spicy.
by Electric Sugar (eatE.S.2011) October 11, 2011
Putting a sparkler up someone's ass before performing anal sex.
Gary burned his dick while flashing Tom.
by dingus_brody August 11, 2011
Flash, also known as, Adobe Flash Player and Macromedia Flash Player, is a major computer virus affecting multiple operating systems for over 10 years. The virus disguises itself as a game loader (for cheap little website games like the ones found on Facebook) as well as some video sites, but in reality it opens your machine up to hundreds of security risks, and loads up millions of not only annoying but extremely CPU intensive advertisements on websites that often make your web browser either start to lag like crazy or just simply crash unless you have a very powerful computer. My 2GHz C2D system could barely handle Flash ads, the CPU fan had to come on full speed to cool it as it ran so hot, just from ADS! Almost all computer security experts agree that Flash should NEVER be installed just for the security risks alone, never mind all the other stuff this virus leads to. Apple is one of the first companies to no longer preinstall Flash on their computers, and it is not usable period on their mobile devices. It is recommended that if you have A PC or an older Mac which ships with Flash, you remove it immediately.
Person 1: Did you know that Flash has had over 100 unaddressed major security holes for over a year now, leading to many extremely harmful viruses affecting PC's and Android phones, and even Mac's?
Person 2: I don't care, I wanna watch my porno videos and play these poorly done games on Facebook!
by iBoy2G February 21, 2011
noun; a sudden reaction of intense nausea following the injection of a large dose of heroin.
Pancho: "You took too much, man!"
Pedro: "I'm gonna flash".
by xxyzzyx December 19, 2009
To transfer something to someone by means of a flash/jump drive.
Hey, did you do the lab?


Quick, flash it to me so I can print it.
by B-Rock D. December 02, 2008
Although often confused with a sudden and blinding movement revealing a pair of ...uhh.... milk production units, actual use is intended for viewing internet animation. Used to view cartoons or porn, where multiple flashes take place. As you can see, these two definitions interact beautifully.
Jane: I can't get my flash working! I don't know what i'm doing wrong.

Bob: Here, I'll guide you through it. First grab the bottom of your shirt...
by S. Firm April 10, 2006

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