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A polite way to describe curse words.

"You can't say no filth flarn filth flarn filth"
"Have a coke and a smile, and shut the fuck up!"

by Giblet January 22, 2008
(flärn) noun, a faux Gaelic word for fart - especially around st. patrick's day.
(flärn) verb, to fart.
noun. After I quaff a bunch of Guinness and eat some gabbage, I will whistle out a foul flarn or two before I have to make a poo. verb. Green beer will make me flarn like Timmy McKleeny's prize heffer.
by sammerofthegoods April 20, 2010
Filth found only in Oneonta, NY
did you see the flarn behind aces dresser?
by boushea February 06, 2004
THa'ts one kind of great thing, it's a flarn
this flarn made me piss my pants, but i love it anyways never the less
by wallis & futuna islands October 24, 2004
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