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(flärn) noun, a faux Gaelic word for fart - especially around st. patrick's day.
(flärn) verb, to fart.
noun. After I quaff a bunch of Guinness and eat some gabbage, I will whistle out a foul flarn or two before I have to make a poo. verb. Green beer will make me flarn like Timmy McKleeny's prize heffer.
by sammerofthegoods April 20, 2010
(un•DEE• bəgs)
pubic lice. crabs, crab lice.
I got a serious infestation of undie bugs at The Scratchin' Post last time the had dollar lap dance night.
by sammerofthegoods March 25, 2010
(mull-MET) noun. a long hair style that hangs out of the back of a helmet.
the defensive linemen smashed into the offense line and got his finger tape caught in the center's mullmet, ripping out a huge hunk of hair.
by sammerofthegoods February 06, 2011
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