Garland reference to excessive dropping or flapping of internet equipment. Device is continuously up and down.
We're seeing alot of flappage from your modem rack.
by swanssy September 26, 2008
Top Definition
The alternative name for the part of the vagina called the Labia.
Lets say a group of lads standing outside a.... i dont know, a tyre Warehouse saw a fit lass walking past, they might say "check out the flappage"in order to bring everyones attention to the fit lass.

Or you could say, "i got some bwad flappage last night" meaning you had some vinga action.
by Matthew Humphreys September 02, 2008
Something Hindle simply can't get enough of
Hindle: "I really need some flappage"
by d b May 16, 2006
the same as a 'badly-packed kebab'
by Anonymous February 26, 2003
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