grotesque minge often scented like mackerel which oozes chunks
close your legs your mackerel scented flange is putting me off my food
by Maria April 21, 2005
1. A lip or gap
2. Another word for vagina
3. A word that, when said slowly, makes even the Venus Di Milo crack a smile
1. Insert that in the Flange
2 My flange is very tight
3. Hey you, listen to this, flllaaaaaaaangeeeee
by arc_101 January 06, 2010
Collective term for a group of lesbians.
I was beaten at pool by a flange of lesbians.
by rev. A Ringer December 09, 2011
A slang term for a womans Vagina.
Jo, stop putting ducks up your flange, its already like a bloody zoo you dirty cow!
by Pauline DeSouzer January 11, 2010
the female genitals, the vulva
Her flange was prickly from the regrowth of the pubes.
by The Return of Light Joker December 14, 2009
Ladies Inner lips (vulva). Also a man hole cover in the road.
Her flange was the size of a manhole cover! kept me ears warm all night.
by bitterlemon January 05, 2010
A common miss-spelling or miss use of the word Flanjj

This mistake is done obviously by people with dirty minds, the Flanjj producers and community have suffered greatly because of this misrepresentation.
:I was eating Flanjj yesterday.
:Ewwww!!! why would you do that.
:Not Flange! You are so Japalese
by Old Gregg December 12, 2007

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