DO NOT get these two mixed up...

1) Professionally means the joint between two pipes (as in plumming)

2) Refers to a very smelly undesired (by both sex's) vagina. Probably originated referring to a girls plumming.
Sally: She's got such a flange.
Kaylee: How would you know that? I thought you were straight?
Sally: I mean the pipes beind her sink.
Kaylee: Oh. Haha.
by Kaylei Jayne September 02, 2009
an alternative word for f**k
what the flange?
by kt257 January 13, 2010
A flange, or flanger is in fact a musical device that covers all the sonic depths, originally achieved by recording tapes travelling in opposite directions, creating a "swoosh" effect. it is usually created digitally for practicality.
songs like: incubus, "i miss you" and mettallica, "one" etc.
by spaz man November 16, 2004
A womans vagina!
Darling?...You've got a lovely flange!?!
by te_rey January 08, 2003
When you cup your hand over over your anus, fart, catch fart, close your hand and move it slowly under your partners nose and then open your hand.
My sinuses were clogged all day until Bart flanged me.
by D Van Mete August 28, 2006
term used for Katie and Lucy, you know them. you do, believe.

"Flange, pass the tobogan my silver tap shoes are melting"

"Shit Flange, i fell over"

"Can I please borrow your toothbrush, Flange, my knees are quivering"


"Give the Flange a bone"

"The Flangemobile pirate has died"


"Flange, knocked last nite, i said no no no no no no"

"When was the last time you washed, Flange?"

"the Flange emo chav, does not exist"

"Flange DOES NOT do hair dressers, except steev"

"Flange cries about witheroing"
by chemical leg August 14, 2008
A type of join used in engineering to affix 2 piece of wood/metal/misc. material together.
The corner on this storage cabinet is a Flange Joint.
by Katie February 27, 2005

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