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A hardcore metal band that, if listened to correctly, can relieve stress and anger.
Five Finger Death Punch's first album "The Way Of The Fist" was such a kickass album! Beforehand, I wanted to take a pickaxe and go to Burger King, but now I feel absolutely fine!!
by ChackyJan April 05, 2008
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That one heavy metal band with deep and dark chords with great lyrics that relieves stress instantly.
Friend: "I just can't take this shit anymore!"

Bro: "Here's my iPod, you know what to do" - hands him the iPod full of Five Finger Death Punch songs

Friend comes to school next day happier then a guy that got his dick sucked and fucked by a thousand bitches.
by strikerdew June 03, 2013
Fingering a girl with all five fingers until she bleeds
I gave her the five finger death punch. And she liked it.
by jesus lee christ September 03, 2013
Getting fisted while on your period.
I heard that girl got five finger death punched.
by RustyyShacklefordd November 16, 2014
Five Finger Death Punch, abbreviated 5FDP or FFDP, is a Hardcore Metal band, or Metalcore, from CA. Vocalist Ivan Moody from Denver, and Zoltan Bathory and Jason Hook deliver the technical guitar, and Matt Snell on bass and drummer Jeremy Spencer. They formed in 2005 touring with bands like Korn, Trivium, Slipknot, Lamb of God, and Disturbed. Their first album The Way of The Fist was a hit, getting them tons of airplay with their single The Bleeding, and their addtional singles Never Enough and Stranger Than Fiction. They have amassed a huge fan base and are one of the fastest growing bands today.
Five Finger Death Punch is a great band everyone can relate to.
by Squiz March 19, 2009
Its a band
Jack: Five finger death punch is a band
Smart person: No shit retard
by burger King Killer February 08, 2009
The act of reachin' into and ripping out the central female sex organs by inserting 4 fingers into the womens vagina and the thumb of your same hand in the womens ass hole thus equaling 4 in the pink 1 in the stink. Then without hesitation continue to grab squeeze and rip out the vagina, gouch, and asshole area. Then with the removed vagina in hand quikly throw it at her and punch her in the face with your non throwing hand.
Dillon was fingering his girlfriend when he asked for a hand-job. When she denied his request he pulled a Five-Finger-Death-Punch.
by the five finger death punch man September 19, 2009

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