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A man's perineum; see taint. So called because it's where the balls land when a man plays with his wood.
"I call Mabel 'The Groundskeeper,'" Ned told his assembled buddies, "because of all of the attention she gives my driving range when we're in bed."
by Ned December 24, 2003
Where one goes to crush golf balls off a tee on a fenced in range while imagining the face of their boss on the golf ball.
I go to the driving range when my supervisor pisses me off.
by whitemale_98 January 06, 2005
The location just below a nice young woman or nasty crackwhore's vagina. So named because as you repeatedly drive into said person with your purple headed warrior the testes or balls are smacked onto the area below the vagina or axe wound. As the balls are being driven onto this area of the body it is quite logical to call it the driving range.
I was fucking your mom last night and I can garuntee her driving range is sore becuase I have balls or brass.
by Urban Dictionary February 24, 2005
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