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1. A recently broken up Christian Ska band.

2. When you use a five iron to inflict damage on people and/or personal property.
Me and Joel had a Five Iron Frenzy at the driving range the other day.
by Tim_Dayton November 16, 2004
An act that immediately preceeds being chased by the owners of said pumpkins
I was smashing pumpkins last halloween, and this crazy lady chased me in her car for a while
by Tim_Dayton November 20, 2004
1. A long and angry speech

2. In super smash brothers, when you kill every other character without getting killed yourself
Don't go on a tirade just because you can't get a tirade.
by Tim_Dayton November 20, 2004
N. A disaster

V. To confuse someone utterly

see also debacling
Ben was quite debacled when I seemed to have injured my ankle, but then jumped up and ran away when he came to investigate.
by Tim_Dayton December 01, 2004
When a gang of young people sneak out in the middle of the night to go to the local 7-11 and buy various drinks
None of us have a drivers lisence, so we'll go on a bikeabout instead
by Tim_Dayton November 22, 2004
see debacle

Something that is very mysterious/confusing
Me: "I say Horton, this is quite the debacling physics problem."
Horton: "Indeed it is."
by Tim_Dayton December 01, 2004
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