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Being unfamiliar with one's surroundings/activities thus often being vulnerable in such circumstances.

Commonly used to describe a change in surroundings by phrases such as 'going fish out of water' or 'to go fish out of water.'

In this sense, the meaning is similar to the term 'Slippin' meaning to leave one's usual abode/habitat to enter next manz endz.

Brare 1: Yo blud come we roll down (enter endz of choice here), still.

Brare 2: Rah!!! Allow goin' Fish out of Water down dere blud, manz gonna get merked ugetme?!

Brare 1: Oh yes, I suppose you're right old bean. Silly me.
by Braredem July 27, 2010
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One who leaves the pool during a game of Marco Polo. Depending on the rules you use, that person instantly becomes "It" once they're caught.
I was playing Marco Polo the other day, and Dave got out of the pool trying to trick me. Boy, I sure caught him though, I called "Fish Out of Water!" and he became It.
by OliviaAnn March 26, 2007
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fish out of water (n.) - when you take a crap that is so long that a portion of the turd sticks out of the water in the toilet.
<sitting in stall in public bathroom> "Uh oh! Fish out of water!"
by Steve The Nasty December 11, 2003
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A sexual position. Another modified version of the wobbly h coined by the founding forfathers of the Wobbly H Club, Involving 2 men and 1 woman. Involves bending a woman from the Wobbly H position so that her stomach lies on the ground with her head up. Man 1 face fucks her any way he seems fit to do so. Man 2 fucks her ass from a sprinting block position. Both shoot their load at the same time, causing her to whiplash, which simulates a fish jumping out of the water.
"She is a catch of the day....Let's give her the fish out of water."
by Ryan January 20, 2004
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An album by Yes's bassplayer Chris Squier
The album came out in 1973
by BaSSPLaYeR December 11, 2004
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When a man is about to receive oral sex from a woman and instead of inserting his penis into her mouth he slaps her in the face with it. This movement resembles a fish flapping around out of the water.
The site doesn't allow videos so the following will have to suffice...

"Larry the Cable Guy must have had a bad experience. I think he always carries that fish hook on his hat as a fishoutofwater prevention unit."
by Mr. Ford December 12, 2009
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the absurd sexual act when a male inserts his hard penis (fish) into a women's empty mouth (the pond) and fills it up with urine (water). He then proceeds to pull out his fish and smack it on the women's face while yelping "FISH OUT OF WATER! FISH OUT OF WATER!"
I had a hot round of sex last night and finished off with a fish out of water.
by Sean and Tommy June 15, 2007
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