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originating from the london massives (mostly brixton) this word refers to a person or someone.
''he is a buff brare man im tellin ya'

''that bare has got serious issues ya know'

'dem brares think they ruff yo'
by sonia_uk September 20, 2003
1. Noun-Derived from the Greek god Ares, god of war. He is the angry bro who likes starting fights, being the alpha male, and prefers the bro sport football over the bro sport lax. He enjoys whiskey to beer, gets into fights on facebook, and generally thinks he is THE shit, all the while, still gets too many girls (even if they are all brohoes) so that he can mantain his level of cockiness and think hes a god. Often have friends brositting them. Not to be confused with Broseidon
Dude 1: Did you watch Tool Academy on VH1 last night?

Dude 2: Yeah that one guy who takes his shirt off every chance he gets cracks me up. He thinks hes the coolest thing ever

Dude 1: Haha yeah seriously hes such a Brares
by Brares god of facebook September 26, 2009
Some one who is off the hook.
Basically a brare.
"You sick brare"

"You sick brareee"

"You sick brareeeeee"
by Jamie Knop June 26, 2007
to say something or someone is brare is to say it is bad/awkward/ horrible/ anything negative
that was brare man
by Special Kae February 16, 2010

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