An individual who can read people and adjust his or her personality to fit their so-called expectations.

The ability to read others and yet still remain unreadable yourself.
I met the new temp at work and since I am a first impressionist I can read her and know she is interested in more qiet guys than loud party-goers. So fixed my personality to be less outgoing and more shy towards her.
by Mowzur February 04, 2010
Top Definition
The type of person who absolutely excels at first impressions, but is usually actually a bit of a twat beneath this thinly construed surface. He or she will greatly impress people and gravitate attention on first meetings, as onlooking witnesses who know them better suppress the deep annoyance this causes.
- Oh my, look how Nathan is just raking in all the attention from those girls.
- It makes my blood boil. How can they not see he is such a raging twat.
- Well, he exudes all that confidence and genuinely believes his own bullshit.
- Yeah he's definitely a First Impressionist, big time.
by marcalite July 16, 2016
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